Saturday, January 12, 2008

no really. i'm not lame for starting this blog on a saturday night. shut up.

alright kids, let's get this started: this is a blog about fat. all parts of it-- gaining it, losing it, measuring it, measuring your own worth by it, trying to find clothes that cover it or slim it or flaunt it or fight it, and trying to wrap your head around the fact that there might be more to your life than its fattastic existence, but as it's all you can think about when you feel both invisible and glaringly sore-thumbly as you strut the office halls in your size-bigger-than-20 slacks, you're really not sure that's true.

thank god for the anonymous internet. thank crap for photoshop, for the ever-expanding glut of diet fads clogging the tv and supermarket aisles, and for my thesaurus and its 27 different ways to say 'fat'. without these things, we'd just have to keep the yelling relegated to our heads, and we'd still be using the musty weight watchers recipe cards. dark days, indeed.

instead, yours truly and my cohort have decided to spam our corner of the web with fat ponderings while we try to find a happy place to land on the scale. me, i'm not looking for kate moss skinny. hell, i'd be happy to be a size 22 again. _____________________. (that's a space for you to make your very own 'my god you really are a fat cow, aren't you?' joke. it's like choose your own adventure, but decidedly less awesome. let's face it, those books owned all.)

anyway, point is, we're two girls who don't have all that much in common, except for some snarkeriffic tendencies and a need to shed a few pounds. the other half of this blog will drop in soon to give her two cents, and then we'll set this thing off with a bang. or some other noise, who knows. all i'm saying is that we're going to attempt losing some poundage, gaining some sense, and bitching a whole lot. get ready y'all. years and years of dieting has made us quite delightfully cranky.

fats mcgee

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